How Can XO Hair Extension Help Grow Your Real Hair?

How Can XO Hair Extension Help Grow Your Real Hair?

How Can XO Hair Extension Help Grow Your Real Hair?

Are you afraid of putting hair extensions on because you think that it will damage your hair? Does this refrain you from having a fun, satisfying experience with hair extensions? But the truth is, hair extensions aren’t so bad for your hair. But how? Well, worry no more because we are here to clear all of your confusion.

#1 How Can Hair Extension Help Grow Your Real Hair?

To some people, putting on hair extensions might sound like a very hectic task and some might even think that it is a waste of money as it only damages the hair. But if you get down to the details, hair extensions are known to be very beneficial for one’s hair in many different ways. Many testimonials and satisfied customers have stated that wearing hair extensions for an extended amount of time helped them grow their natural hair. Most of them clarified how their natural hair was longer, thicker and healthier when they finally took the hair extensions off. But you must be thinking, how and why did that happen? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here with the two main reasons of how hair extensions help crow your real hair. Keep on reading to know more!

Braiding Promotes Hair Growth:

The reason why some people believe that hair extensions can damage your hair is that there is a list of types of hair extensions that require you to put weight over the root of your hair from the hanging hair extensions. Some require you to use tools and products that can be harmful to the health of your hair. But, when it comes to hair extensions helping with hair growth, there is a specific kind that can do just that for you. The sew-in hair extensions are a type of hair extension that requires one to braid their real hair first. Then the wefts of hair extensions are later on sewn onto the tightly secured braids to make it look like real hair. The tight and secure braids that are required for hair extensions promote hair growth, thickness, and healthiness. The tightly braided hair allows the blood flow in the hair to help make the hair healthier. The tighter the braids are, the longer the hair will get. But make sure that they aren’t too tight or it can damage the roots of the hair.

Protection from Damage:

As mentioned above, the specific kind of hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, require you to section your hair into thin, secure braids. Braiding your hair not only helps promote the growth of hair by letting the blood flow bring strength to them but also protects it from a lot of damage. As there is an entire layer of hair extensions sewn over your real hair, it becomes easier for them to grow on their own without getting exposed to the harsh sunlight, dirt, and grime. It also protects it from harmful products such as bleach and hair dye, while you are still able to have fun with the hair extensions.

We hope that this helped you change your mind from the myth that hair extensions are dangerous for your hair, to the fact that they are beneficial for you. So wait no more and get your hands on the best hair extensions from and have an exciting hairstyling experience now!

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