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  • Project 1

    Project 1

    Loungewear Trend Forecasting 2021

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  • Project 2

    Project 2

    Pinterest Business Research/Development

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  • Project 3

    Project 3

    New Product Development

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  • Project 4

    Project 4

    New Magazine Development

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Top Skills
Social Media Marketing - Canva - Influencer Marketing - Shopify - Event Planning - Wholesale and Retail Experience in the Apparel Industry - Visual Merchandising - Product Sourcing on Domestic and International Level - Beginner French - Entrepreneurship - Adobe Photoshop - Mircrosoft Word/Powerpoint/Excel - Mood Board Development - Pinterest Analytics - Brand Ambassador - Product Trial - Regional Sales
Study Abroad
Learned the history of perfume and perfume making techniques - Learned aromatic art form and discovered the origin of fragrance marketing - Visited factories known for influencing the fragrance and beauty industry - Explored the components of fragrance marketing, scent devlopment and fragrance marketing/packaging - Visited fashion, fragrance and beauty retail points of distribution - Given insight on the latest techniques for visual merchandising and promotion of perfume in the 21st Century.
GPA:3.15 - Academic Honors Scholarship - GA Hope Scholarship - SCAD Achievement Honor Scholars - Cynthia Bailey 1st Runner Up for Runway Model
Linkedin Certificates
Advertising on Facebook - Advertising on Instagram - Advertising on Youtube - Become a Social Media Marketer - Marketing on Snapchat

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Thank you so much for considering me for your brand. I hope you enjoyed looking over my Portfolio, Resume and Linkedin account. I hope to hear from you soon about our future endeavors. If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns feel free to contact me at alayziakelley@yahoo.com